Beginning, 1998

In 2008, we opened our doors to clients in Los Angeles with the objective of providing superior customer service as well as professional beauty services.

Shortly afterward, we extended our services to complete hair care and total body care. It allowed us to attract more clients and popularize the real benefit of beauty services. We also worked hard to improve the quality of our makeup services.

Recognition, 2012

2012 became the year of our recognition - we were awarded the Best Salon prize. That year we also opened two new salons in Miami and Atlanta.

Two years later, we were involved in a big charity event devoted to our city’s anniversary. It was our first experience of such kind and since 2014 we are regularly practising it. Later that year, our special offers instantly attracted the attention of US residents.

Personalized Services, 2017

Today we study and improve ourselves to stay current with, and receive training in, the most fashion-forward looks including every aspect of the beauty industry.

Our stylists, estheticians, and masseurs consult with clients about their goals and desires for style, color, and texture. It helps our salon deliver personalized beauty services based on preferences of our clients and online customers looking for high-quality customer service.

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